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Sweet&Spicy Pickles  $7.25


The perfect blend of sugar and spice. Chock full of fresh veggies. Always fresh, always good. Make any meal better with Michael's Pickles!

Bread & Butter Pickles  $7.25


Sweet Pickles, a little Onion, a hint of Mustard and Herbs.....Yeah, they're Awesome!

Michael's Pepper Jelly   $6.50

Peach Habenero

Hoodoo  $6.50

The perfect blend of jalapeno, cayenne, and serrano, peppers, simmered to perfection. This is an excellent jelly for your favorite meats or treats. A real revelation!

Strawberry Pepper Jelly $6.50

Don't let the Habenero scare you! It's just the right amount of heat to set you off. Great on your favorite meats!

"BlackJack" Blackberry Pepper Jelly $6.50

We kept this one on the mild side. That way it's still good as a breakfast jam. Great on Biscuits, Toast, and Cheese.

Double down with this hot medly of blackberries and spicy peppers. Leans on the hot side, so pair with something savory...

Blueberry Pepper Jelly   $6.50

You know what I do here in Southern Louisiana in June? I pick Blueberries. Lots of Blueberries. Then I make this for you. Oh, are you in for a treat...!

Candied Jalepenos  $6.50

Super secret special sundrie sure to sweep you off your sandals. Cured for over a month in heaven juice. Good on: Eggs, Salmon, burritos, burgers, grilled cheese,

quesadillas, nachos, air, cheese and crackers, crackers hold the cheese, slice of cheese, etc,etc.....

Salsa In A Bucket





Everyone loves Salsa! What could be easier and more convenient than to be able to make your own salsa at a moments notice? Well, here is the solution. Salsa in a Bucket. Just add one scoop of our perfectly balanced dry mix (scoop included) to one can of petite diced tomatoes and blend for 30 seconds and say ole'. With 18 batches per can you are ready to party down. (Directions on back of can) Available in Purgatory (Medium Heat) and Inferno (Hot).


 (Medium Heat)


Grim Reaper Pepper Jelly


Hotter even than our regular jalapeno pepper jelly, we've added Scorpion and Carolina Reaper peppers. Caution: This is a HOT product.

Lemon Drop Pepper Jelly $6.50
Citrus Flavor with Lemon Aji Peppers

Pineapple Pepper Jelly


Tropical Heat. Fresh and Fruity. Great on Fish Tacos
Raspberry Pepper Jelly
Mango Pepper Jelly