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At family get togethers, I NEVER brought the salad, sweet potatoes, greens, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes and gravy, crab dip, artichoke dip, baked ham, turkey, pork tenderloin or desert. Nope………I got off easy……..all I ever brought was one gallon of my homemade “Sweet and Spicy” pickles.

At the end of parties and family functions, if any pickles were left over, arguments would break out over who got to keep the remains. So, my daughter suggested that  year we put some out at her husband’s U-Pick-Em Blueberry Farm (Blue Harvest Farms in Bush, LA). I said, “sure”, made about 30 jars, gave them to my wife to deliver, and left town with my regular job. About an hour after the pickle delivery, my daughter called and said that they needed more pickles – they had sold out! So, 300 jars and several e-mails later from people asking “where can I get more pickles?” we decided to start Michael’s Pickles. My name is Michael. Thus…….Michael’s Sweet and Spicy Pickles were born.

Folks, you have no idea how difficult it is to start selling pickles, but if you enjoy them, it's worth every bit of our hard work.


Yours truly,

Nobody Asked Me To Bring The Potato Salad.....