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Michael's Pickles

Homemade specialties from our place to yours

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Nobody Asked me To Bring The Potato Salad...

At family get togethers, I Never brought the potato salad, sweet potatoes, greens, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes and gravy, crab dip, baked ham, turkey, pork tenderloin or dessert. Nope...I got off easy....all I ever brought was a gallon of my homemade Sweet & Spick Pickles. Well, this went on for years, till one day, my daughter suggested that we bring some out to Blue Harvest Farm, the u-pick Blueberry farm in Bush, La. she owns with her husband. I said "sure" thing and sent about 30 jars out and left town with my regular job. My wife called and said they sold in 30 minutes and they were gonna need more! Well, the rest has become history. We built a commercial kitchen on our property, added a line of pepper jellies and salsa and Michael's Pickles and Pepper Jellies was born. We sincerely hop you enjoy our products.

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